Why Customer Feedback Surveys Work

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Why Customer Feedback Surveys Work

Customer surveys give you a little window of insight into the desires and needs of your customer base. Knowing what your customers like and how they feel about your product or service gives you a better opportunity to meet the needs of your market.

Publication readership surveys are somewhat unique because they address two, sometimes conflicting, requirements.

The editorial department wants to use the magazine reader survey to find out how to make the publication or magazine more engaging.

However, the advertising department is seeking insight into what they can discover about the reader that will help them sell ad space.


Yoga & Spa  — First Reader Survey

I developed the survey questions to identify not only what the reader wants to read but also the kind of businesses and services that interest them.

The overall objective of this reader survey is to bring Yoga & Spa readers both stories and ads that they will find interesting and informative.

The survey appeared in the 2012 Jan/Feb and the March/April issues of the magazine. To boost responses, participants could win a spa getaway. I also recommended an email marketing and FaceBook campaign to market the survey.

Y&S Survey