My Story

I am a professional writer and editor with a background in magazine journalism, online hyper local community news, continuity publication, websites, PR and Marketing.

I am a content strategist and I help businesses realize their goals via planned, strategic and tactical communications with their target audience. If you need help identifying or articulating your marketing message and communicating with the customers you want to attract, I can develop a plan, create or update your marketing collateral and help bring the customers you want to your door. I have a strong PR and marketing background.

Words and pictures are my raw materials; stories are the glue engages people; websites, brochures, ads, post cards, social media, e-marketing newsletters etc are the delivery methods. I want to tell your story and connect you and your business to the people who need your services. What is your story?


Community Online News



In 2009, not long after I moved to St. Louis, I began to work with a small team of communications innovators to develop an online, hyper local community news source for three city neighborhoods.

The publication, served three neighborhoods with around 10 journalist-written stories per week. Its mission was to connect residents, businesses and people interested in Soulard, Benton Park, Lafayette Square and surrounding neighborhoods and it was catalytic in bringing people together, sharing local knowledge and instilling local pride.

For example, our coverage supported and stimulated multi-neighborhood involvement in the crime fighting Neighborhood Ownership Model developed under the leadership of Mike Petitit and the residents of Lafayette Square. Twelve neighborhoods in City of St. Louis have already adopted this model.

The publication went live in January 2010 and by August 2011 it had 3500 readers per month and an email list of more than 1500 people. The publication had a core staff of five and a number of freelance writers.

The news site has been on hold since August 2011 due to low ad revenues.


Freelance Writing & Editing



At the same time I was working as a freelance writer, planning websites and their content for businesses and writing for Yoga & Spa magazine. In July 2011, I became the managing editor of Yoga & Spa magazine.

Before arriving in St. Louis, I had the good fortune to live in Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Singapore (where I edited the Beam, the official magazine of the British Association of Singapore) and Indonesia where I taught home-schooled American children English and writing.

Product Development

Beginning with a brief stint as a freelance copy editor working two days a week at International Masters Publishers (IMP), a collectible and direct marketing publisher active in 35 countries, I quickly became a five-day a week freelance, senior copy editor with the editorial product development team.

We developed collectables for the home and family. In addition we adapted publications successful in other parts of the globe, including the USA, for the UK market. All content was by freelance contributors and went through at least three levels of authentication by experts. Results from market research and focus groups often lead to product reinvention and revision to ensure the products success when it was finally released to the marketplace.

Working in the UK

For the first 12 years of my career I worked in the UK. I got my start at the magazine division of the Daily Mirror Newspaper Group where I worked for a variety of national magazines including Sports Week, Extra Special, a fashion magazine, a comic collection and a group of crossword and puzzle magazines before becoming a freelance magazine journalist and moving into PR.

Through my entire PR career I continued to freelance for a variety of national publications including Offshore Financial Review, (Offshore Financial Advisor); You and Your Baby magazines; Young Mother magazine; and Essentials magazine.


PR & Marketing



When the publishing industry went into recession, I moved into public relations and promote high-end retail outlets in London. Ultimately I joined William Murray PR and specialized in business-to-business PR for international brands in the foodservices and catering field. I set up a Clarendon Communications with a business partner to offer my clients a more comprehensive communications service that included PR; marketing communications; brochure, newsletters and other graphics products; media planning and buying; event management; exhibition planning, stand building and publicity; market research; and lots more.

Some of my long-term clients include Master Foods (Uncle Ben’s, Domino and Yeoman), Alveston Kitchens, Douwe Egberts Coffee, Laurentis Coffee, Tilda Rice, Ecolab (global leader in sanitation chemicals), Gardner Merchant (largest contract caterer in Europe) and more.

We created strategic long-term communication plans to support brand marketing objectives.